Miles Reiter

Designer & Product Manager

Bolstra UX & Product Manager

1 year 2 months - Aug 2018 to Sept 2019

  • Built the practice of generative and evaluative research to ensure data-backed decision-making.

  • Aligned stakeholders and supported research by developing an outcome-centric roadmap that framed functionality in a context that users easily related to.

  • Drove the transition to an agile release-cycle (from semi-annual waterfall) which allowed the team to learn and respond to customer needs far more efficiently.

  • Increased the opportunity for usability testing, created an inbound flow of research participants, and allowed for the testing of more complex systems by creating an opt-in beta program.

Codelicious Designer & Product Manager (Pro Bono)

5 month project - Sept 2018 to Jan 2019

  • Led the volunteer team in identifying high priority goals and scoping the project.

  • Facilitated workshops which served both to test prototypes of the solution and to keep Codelicious stakeholders updated on progress.

  • Ensured a smooth handoff of the product by briefing Codelicious stakeholders and writing technical documentation.

Film Indy UX Designer (Pro Bono)

6 month project - Oct 2017 to Mar 2018

  • Audited existing tools and content in-use within Film Indy. and prioritized key functionality with the Product Manager.

  • Designed quality assurance test cases alongside developers on the volunteer team.

  • Married the look & feel desired by Film Indy stakeholders to the development framework being used to build the tool via the creation of style guides.

NorthQuad UX Designer (Pro Bono)

1 year 3 months - Jun 2017 to Aug 2018

  • Balanced design responsibilities for both client companies (Bolstra & Lumavate) and their respective products.

  • Ensured one-off work for Lumavate’s own clients served double-duty via the design of reusable patterns for Lumavate’s own product.

  • Implemented and facilitated the first research ops for Bolstra’s product in the form of contextual inquiry with local and regionally based customers.


🔍 User Research
Contextual Inquiry, Survey Design, Usability Testing, Card Sorting, Ethnography, Concept Testing, Optimal Workshop
⌨️ UX Design
Wireframing, Prototyping, Facilitation, User & Task Flows, Information Architecture, WCAG 2.1, Sketch, InVision
📈 Product Strategy
Competitive Analysis, Stakeholder Management, Roadmapping, Pricing Strategy, GitHub, Jira, ProdPad
✏️ Product Writing
Microcopy, Technical Documentation, Release Notes, Content Strategy


Bachelor of Science in Informatics - Minor in Media Applications
Indiana University Bloomington - May 2017

Community Work

r/userexperience subreddit (Moderator & mentor)
Techpoint Tech Fellowship (Former fellow & board chair)

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