Raft — Senior UX Designer & Researcher

Raft is a GovTech consultancy that partners with public agencies to solve complex problems at the intersection of technology and policy. In our work with the Department of Health and Human Services, we're redesigning and modernizing TANF¹ data reporting tools used by every US state, tribe, and territory. These new tools will help TANF programs achieve higher quality data and ultimately enable policy reform that will improve TANF's ability to help families.

Duties & Responsibilities

Lead the human-centered design team on our TANF reporting modernization project. Improve internal processes for Raft. Act as a hiring manager to support the growth of Raft's UX team. Mentor and support other designers.

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with policy experts, product managers, developers, and other designers.
  • Establish human-centered design practices.
  • Run continuous user research operations to support data-backed decision-making and document all research findings.
  • Evaluate design-deliverables and deployed front-end code for accessibility conformance & best practice.
  • Extend and leverage U.S. Web Design System (USWDS) components and patterns to support project needs and visualize requirements.

Bolstra — UX & Product Manager

1 year 2 months - Aug 2018 to Sept 2019

Bolstra—acquired by MetaCX in 2019—was a B2B SaaS startup serving the customer success management space. Bolstra unified traditional account management with work management tools to offer its users a one stop shop to maintain transparency into their work, collaborate on it with others, ensure positive experiences for their customers, and ultimately secure renewals.

Duties & Responsibilities

Led product management and user experience for Bolstra. Translated business objectives into actionable product strategy. Built the practice of user research to ensure data-backed decision-making.

  • Developed an outcome-centric roadmap that aligned stakeholders and supported research by framing functionality in a context that users could easily relate to.
  • Drove the transition from a semi-annual waterfall release cycle to a highly agile one, allowing the team to learn and respond to customer needs far more efficiently.
  • Created an opt-in beta program which increased opportunity for usability testing, set up an inbound flow of research participants, and allowed more complex functionality to be evaluated.

Codelicious — UX & Product Manager

5 month contract - Sept 2018 to Jan 2019

Codelicious—rebranded to Ellipsis Education in 2023—is a B2E startup delivering computer science and broader STEM curricula as a service to K-12 schools.  

Duties & Responsibilities

Led the project team to create a minimum viable version of a learning management system enabling Codelicious educators and content designers to manage and continuously update curricula.

  • Delivered a product that was fully adopted by Codelicious and has been used to manage their curricula since project completion.
  • Identified high priority goals and scoped the project.
  • Facilitated research sessions to test prototypes of possible solution.
  • Communicated regular project updates to Codelicious stakeholders.
  • Facilitated a smooth handoff of the finished product by creating detailed documentation and facilitating knowledge transfer sessions.

Film Indy — UX Designer

6 month contract - Oct 2017 to Mar 2018

Film Indy is an initiative of the Indiana Film Commission, a private not-for-profit organization working to attract film and media projects to Indianapolis.

Duties & Responsibilities

Designed the interface for a minimum viable tool aimed at making it easier for media professionals to browse potential filming locations and connect with property owners.

  • Audited the organization's existing tools and content and prioritized key functionality alongside the Product Manager.
  • Designed quality assurance test cases alongside developers on the volunteer team.
  • Established a style guide that married the look & feel desired by Film Indy stakeholders to the development framework being used to build the tool.

NorthQuad — UX/UI Designer

1 year 3 months - Jun 2017 to Aug 2018

NorthQuad is an R&D consulting firm that acted as the product organization of startups Bolstra and Lumavate during my time there.

Duties & Responsibilities

Owned UX design work for NorthQuad's two client companies. Established and improved UX practices. Took on an increasing role in product management in respect to Bolstra's product.

  • Balanced design responsibilities for two client companies (Bolstra and Lumavate) for their respective products.
  • Ensured that one-off services work for Lumavate’s own clients served double-duty for Lumavate’s own product by adding new reusable patterns and components.
  • Recruited participants and facilitated the first research operations for Bolstra with local and regionally based customers.